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Lock and Unlock Tracking
Lock and Unlock Tracking
You can control who can turn tracking on and off using the Lock Tracking feature. This feature
requires a password to turn off tracking. You no longer need to deal with the situation where
you turn on tracking and send out a document for review, and when you get the document back, it
contains no change markings because the reviewer turned the Track Changes feature off.
In the past, you needed to use the Compare Documents feature to determine how the reviewed
document differed from the original. Now, you can lock tracking.
Lock and Unlock Tracking
Lock Tracked Changes
1 In the document for which you
want to lock tracked changes,
click the Review tab.
2 Click Track Changes to turn on
3 Click the down arrow at the
bottom of the Track Changes
4 Click Lock Tracking .
The Lock Tracking dialog box
5 Type a password here.
6 Retype the password here.
7 Click OK.
Note: Make sure you remember
the password or you will not be
able to turn off the Track Changes
Word saves the password and
the Track Changes button
appears gray and unavailable.
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