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Combine Reviewers’ Comments
Reviewing Documents
The Combine Documents
dialog box reappears.
8 Repeat Steps to , 7
clicking the Open button
( ) for the second
document you want to
A You can type a label
for changes to each
document in these
9 Click OK.
Word displays four panes.
B The left pane contains a
summary of revisions.
C The center pane contains
the result of combining
both documents.
D The top-right pane
displays the document
you selected in Step .
E The bottom-right pane
displays the document
you selected in Step .
Two reviewers reviewed the same document but they forgot to track
changes; can I somehow see their changes?
Yes. Follow the steps in this section, but, in Step , click Compare . Word 3
again displays four panes: the summary appears in the left pane; results of
comparing the two documents appear in the center pane; the document you
select in Step appears in the top-right pane; and the document you select 6
in Step appears in the bottom-right pane. 8
How do I save the
combined document?
The same way you save
any Word document; see
Chapter 2 for details.
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