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Work with Comments
Work with Comments
You can add comments to your documents. For example, when you share a document with other
users, you can use comments to leave feedback about the text without typing directly in the
document and others can do the same.
To indicate that a comment was added, Word displays a balloon in the right margin near the
commented text. When you review comments, they appear in a block. Your name appears in comments
you add, and you can easily review, reply to, or delete a comment, or, instead of deleting the
comment, you can indicate that you have addressed the comment.
Work with Comments
Add a Comment
1 Click or select the text about which
you want to comment.
2 Click the Review tab.
3 Click New Comment .
A A comment balloon appears, marking
the location of the comment.
B A Comments block appears.
4 Type your comment.
5 Click anywhere outside the comment
to continue working.
Review a Comment
1 While working in Simple Markup
view, click a comment balloon.
C Word highlights the text associated
with the comment.
D Word displays the Comments block
and the text it contains.
Note: To view all comments along the
right side of the document, click Show
Comments in the Comments group on
the Review tab.
2 Click anywhere outside the comment
to hide the Comments block and
its text.
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