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Chapter 9: Building Spreadsheets
Enter Cell Data
You can enter data into any cell in an Excel worksheet. You can type data directly into the cell,
or you can enter data using the Formula bar. Data can be text, such as row or column labels, or
numbers, which are called values . Values also include formulas. Excel automatically left-aligns text
data in a cell and right-aligns values.
Long text entries appear truncated if you type additional data into adjoining cells. Values that are
too large to fit in a cell might be represented by a series of pound signs. But, Excel offers features to
help you remedy these situations.
Enter Cell Data
Type into a Cell
1 Click the cell into which you want
to enter data.
The cell you clicked is called the
active cell . It has a thicker border
around it than the other cells.
A To add data to another worksheet in
your workbook, click the worksheet
tab to display the worksheet.
B To magnify your view of the
worksheet, click and drag the Zoom
2 Type your data.
C The data appears both in the cell
and in the Formula bar.
D To store the data in the cell,
or click Enter (
Note: If you press , the cell
pointer moves down one row. If you
click Enter ( ), the cell pointer
remains in the cell you clicked in
Step .
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