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Chapter 9: Building Spreadsheets
Building Spreadsheets
Type Data in the Formula
1 Click the cell into which you
want to enter data.
2 Click in the Formula bar.
3 Type your data.
E The data appears both in the
Formula bar and in the cell.
4 Click Enter ( ) or press
to enter the data.
F To cancel an entry, you can
click Cancel (
) or press
What if the data that I type is too long to fit in my cell?
In most cases, Excel expands the column to accommodate your entry. But, suppose that you type a long
entry in A1 and then type information into B1. In this case, text in A1 appears truncated or, if A1 contains
numbers, they appear as pound signs (#). You can remedy this behavior by resizing column A or by turning
on the text wrap feature to increase column A’s cell depth. To learn how to resize columns, see the section
“Resize Columns and Rows.” To learn how to turn on the text wrap feature, see the section “Turn On Text
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