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Select Cells
Select Cells
To edit data or perform mathematical or formatting operations on data in an Excel worksheet, you
must first select the cell or cells that contain that data. For example, you might apply formatting
to data in a single cell or to data in a group, or range , of cells.
Selecting a single cell is easy: You just click the cell. To select a range of cells, you can use
your mouse or keyboard. In addition to selecting cells or ranges of cells, you can select the data
contained in a cell, as described in the tip.
Select Cells
Select a Range of Cells
1 Click the cell representing the
upper-left corner of the range of
cells that you want to select.
A The cell pointer ( ) appears as
you move the mouse.
2 Click and drag down and to the
right across the cells that you
want to include in the range.
3 Release the mouse button.
B Excel highlights the selected
cells in gray.
C The Quick Analysis button
( ) appears. See Chapter 10
for details about this feature.
D To select all of the cells in
the worksheet, you can click
here (
You can select multiple
noncontiguous cells by
pressing and holding
while clicking cells.
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