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Faster Data Entry with AutoFill
Faster Data Entry with AutoFill
You can use Excel’s AutoFill feature to add a data series to your worksheet or to duplicate a single
entry in your worksheet to expedite data entry. You can create number series and, using Excel’s
built-in lists of common entries, you can enter text series such as a list containing the days of the
week or the months in the year. In addition, you can create your own custom data lists, as described
in the tip.
When you click a cell, a fill handle appears in the lower-right corner of the cell; you use the fill
handle to create a series.
Faster Data Entry with AutoFill
AutoFill a Text Series
1 Type the first entry in the text
2 Click and drag the cell’s fill handle
across or down the number of cells
that you want to fill.
A changes to the Fill handle ( ).
If you type an entry that Excel does
not recognize as part of a list,
AutoFill copies the selection to
every cell that you drag over.
3 Release the mouse button.
B AutoFill fills in the text series and
selects the series.
C The AutoFill Options button (
may appear, offering additional
options that you can assign to the
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