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Turn On Text Wrapping
Turn On Text Wrapping
By default, long lines of text appear on one line in Excel. If you type additional data into adjacent
cells, long lines of text appear truncated, but they are not. If you select the cell and look at the
Formula bar, you see all of the text.
You can display all of the text by resizing the column width (see the section “Resize Columns and
Rows”). Or, you can wrap text within the cell so that some text appears on the next line. When you
wrap text, Excel maintains column width and increases the height of the row to accommodate the
number of lines that wrap.
Turn On Text Wrapping
1 Click the cell in which you want
to wrap text.
Note: You can also apply text
wrapping to multiple cells. See the
section “Select Cells,” earlier in this
chapter, to learn how to select
multiple cells for a task.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Wrap Text button (
A Excel wraps the text in the
Note: See the section “Resize
Columns and Rows” to learn how
to adjust cell depth and width to
accommodate your data.
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