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Center Data across Columns
Center Data across Columns
You can center data across a range of selected cells in your worksheet. For example, you might
want to include a title above multiple columns of information and center it. You can use Excel’s
Merge and Center command to quickly merge and center the selected cells.
Additional options appear when you click beside the Merge and Center button ( ). Merge
Across merges each selected row of cells into a larger cell. Merge Cells merges selected cells in
multiple rows and columns into a single cell. Unmerge Cells splits a cell into multiple cells.
Center Data across Columns
1 Select the cell containing the data
that you want to center, along with
the adjacent cells over which you want
to center the data.
Note: When you merge and center, Excel
deletes any data in selected adjacent cells.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Merge and Center
button (
You can also click the Merge and
Center to select from several
merge options.
A Excel merges the cells and centers
the data.
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