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Adjust Cell Alignment
Adjust Cell Alignment
By default, Excel automatically aligns text to the left and numbers to the right of a cell. It also
vertically aligns all data to sit at the bottom of the cell. If you want, however, you can change
the horizontal and vertical alignment of data within cells — for example, you can center data
vertically and horizontally within a cell to improve the appearance of your worksheet data.
In addition to controlling the alignment of data within a cell, you can also indent data and change
its orientation in a cell.
Adjust Cell Alignment
Set Horizontal Alignment
1 Select the cells that you want to
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click an alignment button:
Click the Align Left button (
) to
align data to the left.
Click the Center button (
) to
center-align the data.
Click the Align Right button (
to align data to the right.
Note: To justify cell data, click the
dialog box launcher ( ) in the
Alignment group. In the Format Cells
dialog box that appears, click the
and click Justify .
Excel applies the alignment to your
A This example centers the data
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