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Change the Font and Size
Change the Font and Size
You can change the font or the font size that you use for various cells in your worksheet. For
example, you can make the worksheet title larger than the rest of the data, or you might resize
the font for the entire worksheet to make the data easier to read. You can apply multiple formats to
a cell — for example, you can change both the font and the font size of any given cell.
If you particularly like the result of applying a series of formatting options to a cell, you can copy
the formatting and apply it to other cells in your worksheet.
Change the Font and Size
Change the Font
1 Select the cell or range for which
you want to change fonts.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Font .
You can use and to scroll
through all of the available fonts.
You can also begin typing a font
name to choose a font.
4 Click a font.
A Excel applies the font.
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