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Change the Font and Size
Building Spreadsheets
Change the Font Size
1 Select the cell or range for
which you want to change
font size.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Font Size
4 Click a size.
B Excel applies the new size to
the selected cell or range.
Can I apply multiple formatting options at once?
Yes. The Format Cells dialog box enables you to
apply a new font, size, or any other basic formatting
options to selected data. To open it, click the Home
tab and click the dialog box launcher (
How can I copy cell formatting?
Select the cell or range that contains the formatting
you want to copy. Then, click the Home tab, and
click the Format Painter button ( ) in the
Clipboard group. Then click and drag over the cells
to which you want to apply the formatting and
release the mouse button to copy the formatting.
) in the
Font group.
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