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Add Cell Borders and Shading
Building Spreadsheets
Add a Fill Color
1 Select the cells to which you
want to apply a fill color.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click beside the Fill
Color button (
4 Select a fill color.
Note: Remember, if the color you
select is too dark, your data can
become difficult to read.
B Excel applies the fill color to
the selected cell or range.
Can I turn worksheet gridlines on and off?
Yes. Printing gridlines makes worksheet data easier to read on paper. On the other hand,
you might want to turn off gridlines on-screen during a presentation. To use options on
the Page Layout tab to control the appearance of gridlines, click the Page Layout tab.
In the Sheet Options group, deselect View to hide gridlines on-screen (
). Select Print (
changes to
) to print gridlines.
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