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Format Data with Styles
Format Data with Styles
You can use the Excel styles to apply preset formatting to your worksheet data. You can apply cell
styles to individual cells or ranges of cells, or table styles to a range of worksheet data. When you
apply a table style, Excel converts the range into a table. Tables help you manage and analyze data
independent of other data in the worksheet. For example, beside each column heading in a table, an
appears. You can use the AutoFilter
to show only certain information in the table.
You can also apply a theme — a predesigned set of formatting attributes — to a worksheet. See the
tip for more details.
Format Data with Styles
Apply a Cell Style
1 Select the cell or range that
you want to format.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Cell Styles .
4 Click a style.
A Excel applies the formatting
to the selected cell or range.
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