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Apply Conditional Formatting
Apply Conditional Formatting
You can use Excel’s Conditional Formatting tool to apply certain formatting attributes, such as bold
text or a fill color, to a cell when the value of that cell meets a required condition. For example,
if your worksheet tracks weekly sales, you might set up Excel’s Conditional Formatting tool to alert
you if a sales figure falls below what is required for you to break even.
In addition to using preset conditions, you can create your own. To help you distinguish the degree
to which various cells meet your conditional rules, you can also use color scales and data bars.
Apply Conditional Formatting
Apply a Conditional Rule
1 Select the cell or range to
which you want to apply
conditional formatting.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Conditional Formatting .
4 Click Highlight Cells Rules or
Top/Bottom Rules .
This example uses Top/Bottom
5 Click the type of rule that you
want to create.
A rule dialog box appears.
6 Specify the values that you
want to assign for the
7 Click OK.
A If the value of a selected cell
meets the condition, Excel
applies the conditional
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