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Apply Conditional Formatting
Building Spreadsheets
Apply Data Bars
1 Select the cell or range that
contains the conditional
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Conditional Formatting .
4 Click Data Bars .
5 Click a data bar fill option.
B You can apply a color scale or an
icon set instead by clicking
Color Scales or Icon Sets .
C Excel applies the data bars to
the selection. Longer data
bars represent higher values
in your selection.
How do I create a new rule for conditional
Click the Conditional Formatting button on the
Home tab and then click New Rule to open the New
Formatting Rule dialog box. Here, you define the
condition of the rule as well as what formatting you
want to apply when the condition is met.
How do I remove conditional formatting from
a cell?
Select the range that contains the formatting you
want to remove, click the Conditional Formatting
button on the Home tab, and then click Manage
Rules . Next, click the rule you want to remove,
click Delete Rule , and then click OK.
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