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Add Columns and Rows
Add Columns and Rows
You can add columns and rows to your worksheets to include more data. For example, you may
have typed product names in the rows of a worksheet that shows product sales over a period of
time, but you did not include the region in which those products were sold. Now you find that you
need to add region designations as row titles to segregate sales by region as well as by product.
You are not limited to inserting new columns and rows one at a time; if you want, you can insert
multiple new columns and rows at once.
Add Columns and Rows
Add a Column
1 Click the letter of the column
that should appear to the right
of the new column you want to
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Insert .
You can also right-click a
column heading and click
Insert .
A Excel adds a column.
B The Insert Options button (
appears when you insert a
column; click it to view a list of
options that you can apply.
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