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Add Columns and Rows
Building Spreadsheets
Add a Row
1 Click the number of the row
that should appear below the
new row you want to insert.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Insert .
You can also right-click a row
number and click Insert .
C Excel adds a row.
D The Insert Options button ( )
appears, and you can click it to
view a list of options that you
can assign.
How can I insert multiple columns and rows?
First, select two or more columns and rows in the
worksheet; then activate the Insert command as
described in this section. Excel adds the same
number of new columns and rows as the number
you originally selected.
What options appear when I click the Insert
Options button?
For a new row, you can select Format Same As
Above , Format Same As Below , or Clear Formatting
( changes to ). For a new column, you can select
Format Same As Left , Format Same As Right , or
Clear Formatting (
changes to
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