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Resize Columns and Rows
Resize Columns and Rows
Values that are too large to fit in a cell might appear as pound signs. Long lines of text appear on
one line; if you type additional data into adjoining cells, long lines appear truncated, but they
are not. If you select one of these cells and look at the Formula bar, you see the value or the text. To
display long text in the worksheet, you can wrap it within the cell as described in the section “Turn
On Text Wrapping,” or you can resize the column. To display large values in the worksheet, you can
resize the column. You can also resize rows.
Resize Columns and Rows
1 Position the mouse pointer on
the right edge of the column
letter or the bottom edge of
the row number that you want
to resize.
The pointer changes to
or .
2 Click and drag the edge to the
desired size.
A A dotted line marks the new edge
of the column or row as you drag,
and Excel displays the new column
width or row height.
3 Release the mouse button.
Excel resizes the column or row.
B You can also select a column or
row, click the Format button on
the Home tab, and from the menu
that appears, click AutoFit
Column Width or AutoFit Row
Height to resize the column or
row to fit existing text.
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