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Freeze Column and Row Titles On-Screen
Freeze Column and Row Titles On-Screen
When you work with a worksheet that contains more information than will fit on one screen,
you can freeze one or more columns or rows to keep information in those columns and rows
on-screen, regardless of where you place the cell pointer.
Freezing the top row of your worksheet is very useful when it contains headings for columns of
information stored on the rows below. Similarly, freezing the leftmost column of your worksheet is
very useful when titles for each row of data appear in the left column.
Freeze Column and Row Titles On-Screen
Note: To freeze both a column and a row,
click the cell to the right of the column
and below the row that you want visible
on-screen at all times.
1 Click the View tab.
2 Click Freeze Panes .
3 Click a choice for freezing.
You can choose Freeze Panes , which
freezes both a row of column headings
and a column of row titles, or you can
choose Freeze Top Row or Freeze
First Column .
This example freezes the top row.
Excel freezes the areas you identified.
4 Press or + to scroll
down one screen or one screen to the
A The frozen columns or rows remain
B To unlock the columns and rows, click
the Freeze Panes
and then click
Unfreeze Panes .
Note: Freezing columns and rows only
affects on-screen work; it does not affect
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