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Name a Range
Name a Range
You can assign distinctive names to the cells and ranges of cells in a worksheet. A range is a
rectangular group of cells; a range can also consist of a single cell. Assigning names to cells and
ranges can help you more easily identify their contents. You can also use range names in formulas,
which can help you decipher a formula. (Formulas are discussed later in this topic.) Note that when
it comes to naming ranges, you must follow some rules, as discussed in the tip at the end of this
Name a Range
Assign a Range Name
1 Select the cells comprising the
range that you want to name.
2 Click the Formulas tab.
3 Click Define Name .
The New Name dialog box opens.
Note: Excel suggests a name using a
label near the selected range. If you
like the suggested name, skip Step .
4 Type a name for the selected
range in the Name field.
A You can add a comment or note
about the range here. For
example, you might indicate what
data the range contains.
5 Click OK.
Excel assigns the name to the
B When you select the range, its
name appears in the Name box.
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