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Name a Range
Building Spreadsheets
Select a Named Range
1 Click the Name .
2 Click the name of the range
of cells you want to select.
C Excel selects the cells in the
Note: You can use the Name
Manager to make changes to your
range names. Click the Name
Manager button on the Formulas
tab. You can edit existing range
names, change the cells referenced
by a range, or remove ranges to
which you no longer need names
assigned in the worksheet.
What are the rules for naming ranges?
Each name can be no more than 255 characters and must be unique. You can use uppercase and lowercase
letters in a range name, but Excel ignores case — sales and SALES are the same name. The first character
must be a letter, an underscore (_), or a backslash (\). You cannot use spaces in a range name; instead,
substitute the underscore or the dash. You cannot name a range using cell references such as A1 or $F$6,
nor can you name a range using either the uppercase or lowercase forms of the letters C and R.
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