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Clear or Delete Cells
Clear or Delete Cells
You can clear the formatting applied to a cell, the contents of the cell, any comments you
assigned to the cell, any hyperlink formatting in the cell, or all of these elements. Clearing a cell
is useful when you want to return the cell to its original state in Excel and you do not want to apply
all of Excel’s original formats manually.
You can also delete rows or columns of data. When you delete rows or columns, Excel adjusts the
remaining cells in your worksheet, shifting them up or to the left to fill any gap in the worksheet
Clear or Delete Cells
Clear Cells
1 Select the cell or range
containing the data or
formatting that you want to
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Clear button ( ).
4 Choose an option to identify
what you want to clear.
This example clears formats.
A Excel clears the cell using
the option you selected in
Step .
In this example, Excel clears
the formatting but retains
the cell data.
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