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Clear or Delete Cells
Building Spreadsheets
Delete Rows or Columns
1 Click the number of the row
or the letter of the column
that you want to delete.
This example deletes a
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Delete .
You can also right-click a row
number or column heading
and click Delete .
B Excel deletes the row or
column and moves remaining
data up or to the left to fill
any gap in the worksheet
What is the difference between Clear Formats and Clear Contents?
Clear Formats removes just the formatting of a cell or range and leaves the contents of the cell or range.
You retain the data and can reformat the cell or range; this command is most useful when you have applied
several different formats and do not like the results. In a sense, Clear Formats lets you start over. Clear
Contents, on the other hand, deletes the data in the cell but retains the cell’s formatting. In this case, you
can enter new data and it displays the same formatting as the data you cleared.
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