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Split and Format a Column of Data
Split and Format a Column of Data
You can split a column of data into multiple columns. The Text to Columns feature is particularly
useful when you open a list from another program. Typically, the information shows up on each
row in one long string, but you want the information divided into columns.
After dividing the information, you can use the Flash Fill feature to format the data the way you
want. With Flash Fill, you provide examples and, in most cases, Excel understands what you want.
Note that you can use Flash Fill in regular Excel files as well as text files you import.
Split and Format a Column of Data
Convert Text to Columns
1 Open the file containing the
data you want to format.
The Text Import Wizard appears.
Note: If the Text Import Wizard
does not appear, click the Data tab
and then click Text to Columns in
the Data Tools group.
2 Select Delimited (
to ).
3 Click Next .
4 Select the delimiter your file
uses (
changes to
5 Click Finish .
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