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Split and Format a Column of Data
Building Spreadsheets
A The file appears on-screen in
columnar format. You can widen the
columns and, if you like, apply bold
formatting to column headings.
Using Flash Fill Formatting
1 Insert a column beside the one you
want to format and give it the same
name as the one you want to
This example inserts column B.
2 Type the first entry from the
original column into the inserted
column using the format you want.
This example types the contents of
cell A2 into cell B2, supplying
3 Start typing the second entry.
B Excel applies the formatting of the
entry above to the current entry.
C Excel suggests the same formatting
for all remaining entries in the
4 Press to accept the
formatting into the column.
5 Repeat these steps for each column
you need to format. When you
finish, you can delete the original
How do I know which delimiter to select?
When you see your data separated in the Data
Preview box at the bottom of the second Text
Import Wizard dialog box, you know you have
selected the delimiter you need.
How do I get the Flash Fill feature to insert leading
zeros in a ZIP code?
Before formatting using Flash Fill, format the column you
insert as a Text column; click the Home tab and, in the
Number group, click the dialog box launcher ( ). In the
Format Cells dialog box, click Text and then click OK.
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