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Chapter 10: Worksheet Basics
Add a Worksheet
By default, when you create a new blank workbook in Excel, it contains one worksheet, which may be
adequate. In some cases, however, your workbook might require additional worksheets in which to
enter more data. For example, if your workbook contains data about products your company sells, you
might want to add worksheets for each product category. You can easily add worksheets to a workbook.
When you add a new worksheet, Excel gives it a default name. To help you better keep track of your data,
you can rename your new worksheet. For more information, see the next section, “Name a Worksheet.”
Add a Worksheet
1 Click the Insert Worksheet
button ( ).
You can also right-click a
worksheet tab and click
Insert to open the Insert
dialog box, where you can
choose to insert a worksheet.
A Excel adds a new blank
worksheet and gives it a
default worksheet name.
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