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Change Page Setup Options
Change Page Setup Options
You can change worksheet settings related to page orientation, margins, paper size, and more. For
example, suppose that you want to print a worksheet that has a few more columns than will fit
on a page in Portrait orientation. (Portrait orientation accommodates fewer columns but more rows
on the page and is the default page orientation that Excel assigns.) You can change the orientation
of the worksheet to Landscape, which accommodates more columns but fewer rows on a page.
You can also use Excel’s page-setup settings to establish margins and insert page breaks to control
the placement of data on a printed page.
Change Page Setup Options
Change the Page Orientation
A Dotted lines identify page breaks
that Excel inserts.
1 Click the Page Layout tab.
2 Click Orientation .
3 Click Portrait or Landscape .
Note: Portrait is the default
Excel applies the new
orientation. This example
applies Landscape.
B Excel moves the page break
indicator based on the new
C You can click the Margins
button to set up page
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