Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Change Page Setup Options
Worksheet Basics
Insert a Page Break
1 Select the row above which
you want to insert a page
2 Click the Page Layout tab.
3 Click Breaks .
4 Click Insert Page Break .
D Excel inserts a solid line
representing a user-inserted
page break.
How do I print just part of a worksheet?
To print only a part of a worksheet, select the
cells that you want to print, click the Page
Layout tab on the Ribbon, click the Print
Area button, and then click Set Print Area .
Then print as usual.
Can I set different margins for different pages that
I print?
Yes. Excel assigns the same margins to all pages of a
worksheet. If you need different margins for different
sections that you plan to print, place each section for
which you need different margins on separate worksheets
and set each worksheet’s margins accordingly.
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