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Move and Copy Worksheets
Move and Copy Worksheets
You can move or copy a worksheet to a new location within the same workbook, or to an entirely
different workbook. For example, moving a worksheet is helpful if you insert a new worksheet and
the worksheet tab names appear out of order. Or, you might want to move a worksheet that tracks
sales for the year to a new workbook so that you can start tracking for a new year.
In addition to moving worksheets, you can copy them. Copying a worksheet is helpful when you plan
to make major changes to the worksheet.
Move and Copy Worksheets
1 If you plan to move a worksheet
to a different workbook, open
both workbooks and select the
one containing the worksheet
you want to move.
2 Click the tab of the worksheet
you want to move or copy to
make it the active worksheet.
3 Click the Home tab.
4 Click Format .
5 Click Move or Copy Sheet .
The Move or Copy dialog box appears.
A You can click
to select a workbook for
the worksheet.
6 Click the location where you want to
place the worksheet that you are moving.
Note: Excel moves or copies sheets in front of
the sheet you select.
B You can copy a worksheet by selecting
Create a Copy (
changes to
7 Click OK.
Excel moves or copies the worksheet to
the new location.
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