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Delete a Worksheet
Delete a Worksheet
You can delete a worksheet that you no longer need in your workbook. For example, you might
delete a worksheet that contains outdated data or information about a product that your
company no longer sells.
When you delete a worksheet, Excel prompts you to confirm the deletion unless the worksheet is blank,
in which case it simply deletes the worksheet. As soon as you delete a worksheet, Excel permanently
removes it from the workbook file and displays the worksheet behind the one you deleted, unless you
deleted the last worksheet. In that case, Excel displays the worksheet preceding the one you deleted.
Delete a Worksheet
1 Right-click the worksheet tab.
2 Click Delete .
Note: You can also click the
Delete on the Home tab and
then click Delete Sheet .
If the worksheet is blank,
Excel deletes it immediately.
If the worksheet contains
any data, Excel prompts you
to confirm the deletion.
3 Click Delete .
Excel deletes the worksheet.
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