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Find and Replace Data
Find and Replace Data
You can search for information in your worksheet and replace it with other information. For
example, suppose that you discover that Northwest Valley was entered repeatedly as West Valley.
You can search for West Valley and replace it with Northwest Valley. Be aware that Excel finds all
occurrences of information as you search to replace it, so be careful when replacing all occurrences
at once. You can search and then skip occurrences that you do not want to replace.
You can search an entire worksheet or you can limit the search to a range of cells that you select
before you begin the search.
Find and Replace Data
1 Click the Home tab.
2 Click Find & Select .
3 Click Replace .
A To simply search for
information, click Find .
Excel displays the Replace
tab of the Find and Replace
dialog box.
4 Type the information for
which you want to search
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