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Find and Replace Data
Worksheet Basics
5 Type the information that you
want Excel to use to replace the
information you typed in Step .
6 Click Find Next .
B Excel finds the first occurrence of the
7 Click Replace .
Excel replaces the information in the
C Excel finds the next occurrence
8 Repeat Step until you replace all 7
appropriate occurrences.
Note: You can click Replace All if you do
not want to review each occurrence before
Excel replaces it.
Excel displays a message when it
cannot find any more occurrences.
9 Click OK and then click Close in the
Find and Replace dialog box.
Where can I find detailed search options?
Click the Options button in the Find and Replace
dialog box to reveal additional search options. For
example, you can search by rows or columns,
matching data, and more. You can also search for
specific formatting or special characters using
Format options.
How can I search for and delete data?
In the Find and Replace dialog box, type the text
you want to delete in the Find what box; leave the
Replace with box empty. When you click Replace ,
Excel looks for the data and deletes it without
adding new data to the worksheet.
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