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Create a Table
Worksheet Basics
The Create Table dialog box
appears, displaying a
suggested range for the table.
A You can deselect this option
( changes to ) if labels
for each column do not
appear in Row 1.
B You can click to select
a new range for the table
boundaries by dragging in
the worksheet.
5 Click OK.
Excel creates a table and
applies a table style to it.
C The Table Tools Design tab
appears on the Ribbon.
D appears in each column
E Excel assigns the table a
generic name.
When should I use a table?
If you need to identify common information, such as the largest value in a range, or you need to select
records that match a criterion, use a table. Tables make ranges easy to navigate. When you press with
the cell pointer in a table, the cell pointer stays in the table, moving directly to the next cell and to the
next table row when you tab from the last column. When you scroll down a table so that the header row
disappears, Excel replaces the column letters with the labels that appear in the header row.
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