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Filter or Sort Table Information
Filter or Sort Table Information
When you create a table, Excel automatically adds AutoFilter arrows to each column; you can use
these arrows to quickly and easily filter and sort the information in the table.
When you filter a table, you display only those rows that meet conditions you specify, and you
specify those conditions by making selections from the AutoFilter lists. You can also use the
AutoFilter arrows to sort information in a variety of ways. Excel recognizes the type of data stored
in table columns and offers you sorting choices that are appropriate for the type of data.
Filter or Sort Table Information
Filter a Table
1 Click next to the column
heading you want to use for
A Excel displays a list of possible
filters for the selected column.
2 Select a filter choice ( changes
to or changes to ).
3 Repeat Step until you have 2
selected all of the filters you
want to use.
4 Click OK.
B Excel displays only the data
meeting the criteria you
selected in Step .
C The AutoFilter changes to
to indicate the data in
the column is filtered.
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