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Analyze Data Quickly
Analyze Data Quickly
You can easily analyze data in a variety of ways using the Quick Analysis button. You can apply
various types of conditional formatting, create different types of charts, or add miniature graphs
called sparklines (see Chapter 12 for details on sparkline charts). You can also sum, average, and count
occurrences of data as well as calculate percent of total and running total values. In addition, you can
apply a table style and create a variety of different PivotTables.
The choices displayed in each analysis category are not always the same; the ones you see depend on
the type of data you select.
Analyze Data Quickly
1 Select a range of data to
A The Quick Analysis button
( ) appears.
2 Click
Quick Analysis categories appear.
3 Click each category heading to view
the options for that category.
4 Point the mouse at a choice under a
B A preview of that analysis choice
Note: For an explanation of the Quick
Analysis choices, see the next section,
“Understanding Data Analysis Choices.”
5 When you find the analysis choice
you want to use, click it and Excel
creates it.
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