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Track and Review Worksheet Changes
Track and Review Worksheet Changes
If you share your Excel workbooks with others, you can use the program’s Track Changes feature
to help you keep track of the edits others have made, including formatting changes and data
additions or deletions. When you enable tracking, Excel automatically shares the workbook. As you
set up tracking options, you can identify the changes you want Excel to highlight. When tracking
changes, Excel adds comments that summarize the type of change made. Excel also displays a
darkblue box around a cell that has been changed, and a small blue triangle appears in the upper-left
corner of the changed cell.
Track and Review Worksheet Changes
Turn On Tracking
1 Click the Review tab.
2 Click Track Changes .
3 Click Highlight Changes .
The Highlight Changes dialog box
4 Select Track changes while editing
( changes to ).
Excel automatically shares the workbook
file if you have not previously shared it.
A You can select options to determine
when, by whom, or where Excel tracks
B You can leave this option selected to
display changes on-screen.
5 Click OK.
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