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Track and Review Worksheet Changes
Track and Review Worksheet Changes (continued)
Reviewing edits made to a workbook is simple. When you review a workbook in which Excel tracked
changes, you can specify whose edits you want to review and what types of edits you want to
see. Excel automatically locates and highlights the first edit in a worksheet and gives you the option
to accept or reject the edit. After you make your selection, Excel automatically locates and selects
the next edit, and so on. You can accept or reject edits one at a time or accept or reject all edits in
the worksheet at once.
When you finish reviewing, you can turn off tracking.
Track and Review Worksheet Changes (continued)
Review Changes
1 Click the Review tab.
2 Click Track Changes .
3 Click Accept/Reject
Changes .
Excel prompts you to save
the file.
4 Click OK.
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