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Track and Review Worksheet Changes
Worksheet Basics
The Select Changes to Accept
or Reject dialog box appears.
5 Click options for which
changes you want to view.
6 Click OK.
The Accept or Reject Changes
dialog box appears.
7 Specify an action for each edit:
A You can click Accept to add the
change to the final worksheet.
B You can click Reject to reject the
C You can click one of these options
to accept or reject all of the
changes at the same time.
How can I stop tracking changes?
To turn off Track Changes, follow these steps:
1 Click the Review tab.
2 Click the Track Changes button.
3 Click Highlight Changes .
4 In the Highlight Changes dialog box that appears, deselect
Track changes while editing ( changes to ).
5 Click OK. A message appears, explaining the consequences
of no longer sharing the workbook; click OK.
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