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Create a Formula
Working with Formulas and Functions
4 Type an operator for the formula.
5 Click the next cell that you want to
include in the formula.
C Excel inserts the cell reference into
the formula.
6 Repeat Steps and until all the 5
necessary cells and operators have
been added.
7 Press .
D You can also click Enter ( ) on the
Formula bar to accept the formula.
E You can click Cancel (
) to cancel
the formula.
F The result of the formula appears in
the cell.
G The formula appears in the Formula
bar; you can view it by clicking the
cell containing the formula.
Note: If you change a value in a cell
referenced in your formula, Excel
automatically updates the formula result
to reflect the change.
How do I edit a formula?
To edit a formula, click in the cell containing the
formula and make any corrections in the Formula
bar. Alternatively, double-click in the cell to make
edits to the formula from within the cell. When
finished, press
How do I reference cells in other worksheets?
To reference a cell in another worksheet, specify
the worksheet name followed by an exclamation
mark and then the cell address (for example,
Sheet2!D12 or Sales!D12). If the worksheet name
includes spaces, enclose the sheet name in single
quote marks, as in ‘Sales Totals’!D12.
or click Enter (
) on the
Formula bar.
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