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Apply Absolute and Relative Cell References
Working with Formulas and Functions
Copy Absolute References
1 Enter the formula, including
dollar signs ($) for absolute
addresses as needed.
2 Click the cell containing the
formula you want to copy.
D In the Formula bar, the
formula appears with an
absolute cell reference.
3 Click the Home tab.
4 Click Copy (
5 Select the cells where you
want the formula to appear.
6 Click Paste .
E Excel copies the formula to
the selected cells.
F The formula in the selected
cells adjusts only relative cell
references; absolute cell
references remain unchanged.
When would I use absolute cell referencing?
Use absolute cell referencing to always refer to the same cell in a worksheet. For example, suppose your
worksheet contains pricing information that refers to a discount rate in cell G10. When you create a formula
that involves the discount rate, that formula must always reference cell G10, even if you move or copy the
formula to another cell. In this case, use $G$10. You can also combine absolute and relative references,
creating mixed references that allow either the row or column to change while the other remains static if
you copy the formula.
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