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Apply a Function
Apply a Function
You can use functions to speed up your Excel calculations. Functions are ready-made formulas that
perform a series of operations on a specified range of values.
You use the Insert Function dialog box, which acts like a wizard, to look for a particular function
from among Excel’s 300-plus available functions and to guide you through successfully entering
the function. After you select your function, the Function Arguments dialog box opens to help you
build the formula by describing the arguments you need for the function you chose. Functions use
arguments to indicate that the cells contain the data you want to use in your calculation.
Apply a Function
1 Click the cell in which you
want to store the function.
2 Click the Formulas tab.
3 Click the Insert Function
A Excel inserts an equal sign to
indicate that a formula follows.
Excel displays the Insert Function
dialog box.
4 Type a description of the
function you need here.
5 Click Go.
B A list of suggested functions
6 Click the function that you want
to apply.
C A description of the selected
function appears here.
7 Click OK.
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