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Total Cells with AutoSum
Total Cells with AutoSum
One of the most popular Excel functions is the AutoSum function. AutoSum automatically totals
the contents of cells. For example, you can quickly total a column of sales figures. One way to
use AutoSum is to select a cell and let the function guess which surrounding cells you want to total.
Alternatively, you can specify exactly which cells to sum.
In addition to using AutoSum to total cells, you can simply select a series of cells in your worksheet;
Excel displays the total of the cells’ contents in the status bar, along with the number of cells you
selected and an average of their values.
Total Cells with AutoSum
Using AutoSum to Total Cells
1 Click the cell in which you want
to store a total.
2 Click the Formulas tab.
3 Click the AutoSum button.
A If you click the AutoSum
you can select other common
functions, such as Average or
You can also click the AutoSum
button (
) on the Home tab.
B AutoSum generates a formula to
total the adjacent cells.
4 Press
or click Enter (
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