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Total Cells with AutoSum
Working with Formulas and Functions
C Excel displays the result in
the cell.
D You can click the cell to see
the function in the Formula
Total Cells without Applying a
1 Click a group of cells whose values
you want to total.
Note: To sum noncontiguous cells, press
and hold while clicking the cells.
E Excel adds the contents of the cells,
displaying the sum in the status bar
along the bottom of the program
F Excel also counts the number of cells
you have selected.
G Excel also displays an average of the
values in the selected cells.
Can I select a different range of cells to sum?
Yes. AutoSum takes its best guess when
determining which cells to total. If it guesses
wrong, simply click the cells you want to add
together before pressing
Why do I see pound signs (#) in a cell that contains
a SUM function?
Excel displays pound signs in any cell — not just cells
containing formulas or functions — when the cell’s
column is not wide enough to display the contents of the
cell, including the cell’s formatting. Widen the column to
correct the problem; see Chapter 9 for details.
or clicking
Enter (
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