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Audit a Worksheet for Errors
Audit a Worksheet for Errors
On occasion, you may see an error message, such as #DIV/0! or #NAME?, in your Excel worksheet.
If you do, you should double-check your formula references to ensure that you included
the correct cells. Locating the source of an error can be difficult, however, especially in larger
worksheets. Fortunately, if an error occurs in your worksheet, you can use Excel’s Formula Auditing
tools — namely, Error Checking and Trace Error — to examine and correct formula errors. For more
information on types of errors and how to resolve them, see the table in the tip.
Audit a Worksheet for Errors
Apply Error Checking
1 Click the Formulas tab.
2 Click the Error Checking button (
A Excel displays the Error Checking
dialog box and highlights the first cell
containing an error.
3 To fix the error, click Edit in Formula
Bar .
B To find help with an error, you can
click here to open the help files.
C To ignore the error, you can click
Ignore Error .
D You can click Previous and Next to
scroll through all of the errors on the
4 Make edits to the cell references in the
Formula bar or in the worksheet.
5 Click Resume .
When the error check is complete, a
message box appears.
6 Click OK.
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