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Chapter 12: Working with Charts
Working with Charts
Using the Quick Analysis
1 Select the range of data that you
want to chart.
You can include any headings and
labels, but do not include
subtotals or totals.
2 Click the Quick Analysis
button ( ).
3 From the categories that appear,
click Charts .
4 Slide the mouse over a
recommended chart type.
F Excel displays a preview of your
data using that chart type.
G If you do not see the chart you
want to use, click More Charts .
5 Click a chart type to insert it.
Excel inserts the chart type you
Can I select noncontiguous data to
include in a chart?
Yes. To select noncontiguous cells
and ranges, select the first cell or
range and then press and hold
In my column chart, I want bars for the elements appearing in
the legend; is there an easy way to make that happen?
Yes. The legend displays the row headings in your selected data,
while the bars represent the column headings. So, switch the rows
and columns in the chart. Click the chart to select it. Then, click
the Chart Tools Design tab and, in the Data group, click Switch
Row/Column .
while selecting additional cells and
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