Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Chapter 1 Office Basics
Office Basics
Windows zooms in and
enlarges all tiles to their
regular size.
3 Click the tile of the program
you want to open.
Note: This example uses
Access 2013.
Windows switches to the
Desktop and opens the program,
displaying the program’s Start
screen, which helps you open
new or existing documents; see
Chapter 2 for other ways to
open documents.
A You can use this panel to open
an existing document.
B You can use this area to start a
new document.
C This area indicates whether you
have signed in to Office Online.
D To exit from the program, click
the Close button ( ) after
closing all documents.
Can I create a shortcut to open an Office application?
Yes. You can create a shortcut icon that appears on the Windows Desktop;
however, pinning the program to the Windows taskbar is easier and just as
effective because you can then click the taskbar button to start the program.
On the Windows Start screen, right-click the tile of the program that you
want to pin to the Windows taskbar. The program’s App bar appears; click Pin
to taskbar . Windows 8 pins the program to the Windows taskbar. To open the
program, display the Desktop and click the program’s tile on the taskbar.
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