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Move and Resize Charts
Move and Resize Charts
After creating a chart, you may decide that it would look better if it were a different size or
located elsewhere on the worksheet. For example, you may want to reposition the chart at the
bottom of the worksheet or make the chart larger so it is easier to read.
Moving or resizing a chart is like moving or resizing any other type of Office object. When you select
a chart, handles appear around that chart; you use these handles to make the chart larger or smaller.
Moving the chart is a matter of selecting it and then dragging it to the desired location.
Move and Resize Charts
Resize a Chart
1 Click any edge of the chart.
A Excel selects the chart and
surrounds it with handles;
changes to
and appear.
2 Position the mouse pointer
over a handle (
changes to
, ,
, or
3 Click and drag a handle to
resize the chart.
B A frame appears, representing
the chart as you resize it on
the worksheet.
, ,
, or
to .
4 Release the mouse button.
Excel resizes the chart.
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