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Change the Chart Type
Change the Chart Type
Suppose you create a column chart but then realize your data would be better presented in a line
chart. You can easily change the chart type. Excel recommends chart types that are suitable for
your data, but you are not limited to its recommendations.
You select a new chart type using Chart Tools tabs on the Ribbon. To make these tabs available,
you select the chart. You click the edge of the chart to select the entire chart or select individual
elements of the chart by clicking them. As long as you click anywhere inside the chart, Chart Tools
tabs appear on the Ribbon.
Change the Chart Type
1 Click an edge of the chart to
select it.
A Handles surround the chart.
2 Click the Design tab.
3 Click Change Chart Type .
The Change Chart Type dialog box
B To view Excel’s recommendations
for chart types for your data,
click here.
4 Click a chart type.
5 Click a chart variation.
C A preview of your chart appears
here; point the mouse at the
preview to enlarge it.
6 Click OK.
D Excel changes the chart to the
chart type that you selected.
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