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Change the Chart Style
Change the Chart Style
You can change the chart style to change the appearance of a chart. You can choose from a wide
variety of preset styles to find just the look you want. For example, you might prefer a brighter
color scheme for the chart to make it stand out, or you might want the elements of the chart, such
as the columns or pie slices, to appear three-dimensional.
You can access various preset chart styles from the Design tab or from the Chart Styles button that
appears along the right edge of a selected chart. To select a chart, click along its edge.
Change the Chart Style
1 Click an edge of the chart to
select it.
A Handles surround the chart.
2 Click .
B The Chart Styles pane appears.
3 Click Style to view available
chart styles.
C You can click and to
scroll through available styles.
You can point the mouse at a
style to preview it.
4 Click a new style.
Excel applies the new style to
your chart.
5 Click Color to view color
schemes for your chart.
6 Click a color scheme.
D Excel applies the new color
scheme to your chart.
E You can click again to close
the Chart Styles pane.
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